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  Cosmetic Laser
Intense Pulsed Light Epilation (Hair Removal Treatment)
IPL is Intense Pulsed Light, also called Photoderm, or Photofacial. It is a computer-based machine which uses a very powerful flash tube delivering a photon emission 10-20 times larger than a typical epilation laser (in diameter at 180 jcm2). This light energy is carefully filtered with precision optics.  The heat is removed from the energy with a Filter, wherein all wavelengths above 800 are removed with a MgF2 coated lens.  The photons are sent through Ruby, Sapphire or a BK7 Glass condenser (depending on requirements).  The end result is a safe, usable, high-density photon emission with performance equal to (or greater than) that of an ordinary laser.
How many treatments will I need?
The number of treatments required for optimal long term benefits depends on the area to be treated, the hair density and the hairs growth cycle. Age, ethnicity, weight, hormones, diet, medication and metabolism all play important roles in the hair location, thickness and resilience.
IPL epilation is a progressively permanent procedure.  This means that improvement will be noted over a series of treatments.  Due to hair growth cycles and a variety of other factors, an investment of 6-10 treatments is normal.
Discomfort and Client Reaction
Remarkably, the sensation felt with an IPL treatment is no more intense than that of a laser (although much more total energy is being delivered to the tissue).  The first two pulses from the IPL generally are not felt by the client.  The third (if the technician chooses to deliver that many) begins to feel like a snap of a rubber band (as the tissue absorbs and retains the energy). Five or more pulses in less than one second may be uncomfortable for some clients.  The use of a topical desensitizing spray or pre-treatment cold pack will alleviate most sensation.
It is generally not necessary to deliver more than 3 pulses to a single cm2 of skin for effective hair removal treatment.
Client Pre-Qualifications:
Like laser, the best candidate for IPL hair removal has fair skin with dark terminal hairs. Skin typing for exposure to ultraviolet light can be categorized by the Fitzpatrick classification, developed by Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick of Harvard Medical School:

Skin Type I:  Never tans, always burns (extremely fair skin, blonde hair, blue/green eyes)
Skin Type II:  Occasionally tans, usually burns (fair skin, sandy to brown hair, green/brown eyes)
Skin Type III:  Often tans, sometimes burns (medium skin, brown hair, brown eyes)
Skin Type IV:  Always tan, never burns (olive skin, brown/black hair, dark brown/black eyes)
Skin Type V:  Never burns (dark brown skin, black hair, black eyes)
Skin Type VI:  (black skin, black hair, black eyes)  

Types 1 through 4 are outstanding candidates. Type 5 will have excellent results as well but care must be taken to assure that the IPL will not burn the skin.

Precautions to be taken after the Permanent hair removal treatment:
  • Apply medicated soothing cream after Hair Removal treatment
  • Apply sunscreen lotion while going out in the sun.
  • It is advisable not to change the brand of any product you are using e.g. Talcum Powder, Creams, Lotions, Soap, Oil, etc.
  • It is also advisable not to do any threading, waxing or plucking on the areas where the treatment is going on.
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